“We haven’t had this much fun on a Sunday morning for years”

When? March 7th, 2012

What? Pre-Wedding .

I can often be overheard telling people how lucky I am making a living doing a job that I love. I really do pinch myself sometimes. That said anybody who runs their own business will tell you that it brings with it it’s own pressures and stresses. Add to that employing staff and the stress can multiply. Every now and then I get to meet people who make me realise just how lucky we are. On Saturday afternoon one such couple came to the studio for their viewing. Marie and Philip Andrews. By the time they left my ribs ached as we laughed so much. I am honoured that we have been able to give them so many lovely pictures of this fantastic couple and thank them for choosing our studio. Marie simply said “ We haven’t had that much fun on a Sunday morning for years”.